ACER, LLC, a counseling agency, and the Old Town Soda Shop have partnered together to develop a job training program for clients of ACER, LLC struggling with substance abuse problems to learn job skills and integrate positively back into the community.  This program, through Reveiller, Inc., provides clients involved in ACER, LLC’s substance abuse programs with an opportunity to attend courses on job skill development, resume writing, interviewing skills, customer service, financial planning, budgeting and conflict resolution.  The Old Town Soda Shop provides a job site for these clients to put their new job skills to work while being mentored by the Soda Shop staff.  The Soda Shop provides a real-life work environment for clients to interact with the community at-large and gain experience to eventually integrate into the larger community workforce.  It also provides support through the mentoring component to the client that helps them move into stable recovery.  The ultimate goal of this partnership is to provide an avenue for persons struggling with substance abuse skills and tools to contribute positively to the community and provide for their families, while pursuing recovery from substance use.