Soda Shop Consulting

The Old Town Slidell Soda Shop Training


     Are you are looking into opening a new store and would like a first-hand experience of what it takes to run a shop? Or do you have an existing ice cream shop and would like to increase sales or generate more income? Everyone who has walked in my shoes has said this is the best money they have ever spent.

     This is a one day intensive training session that will cover all aspects of daily operations of a soda shop.

     The day begins at 9 AM and continues throughout the day ending at 9:30 PM. This enables the trainee to be exposed to an entire day from opening to closing.

     You will be at my side all day and I will be explaining to you the what, where, when, and why of each phase of the entire day. We will discuss opening and closing times, days to be closed, if you would serve food or not, why we serve the old type items here in the shop, and what sizes we have chosen to serve, and why. We will cover advertising, and hiring practices. We have done over 3,000 birthday parties since opening in 1988, and we will cover how parties could impact your business. We will go over in fairly great detail the procedures guide for operating the shop, and I will stress the importance of establishing your own manual for your own store operations. You will get a copy of our procedures manual along with the days training.

      You will be instructed in proven industry standards and practices that have been tested and proven to help in developing a well run clean and profitable ice cream retail establishment. We are going to make malts, shakes, ice cream sodas, floats, sundaes, banana splits, sno balls, and sandwiches. You probably will not be able to eat all the items you are going to make that day, but I want you to make and taste each item so you will gain the first hand experience yourself.

      We will even touch on making your own ice cream. We will go over every aspect of what we do here at the Soda Shop and we will discuss things we have tried and didn’t work. I want to go over all these points because you will gain a great knowledge of what may or may not work in your operation. Hopefully with my guidance you can avoid many of the pitfalls that cost so much money in opening a new business.

      Some people that have benefitted from this session have been Leapolds Ice Cream in Savana GA., The Corner Store in Bramwell WV., Peoples Drugs in Waveland MS., Peoples Drugs Amite City LA., Blue Bunny’s International Sales Force.

       The cost of my one day session is $500.00 for 1 person and $200.00 for each additional person.

      I also offer a store layout service, on site training at your location, opening day support and help. If you need additional information on these services and cost I will be happy to forward you the information.

     Thank you very much for your interest in my services, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Frank M. Jackson

Old Town Slidell Soda Shop

301 Cousin St.

Slidell LA 70458-3637



References available upon request