Volunteers have been and will be a resource for the Soda Shop.  They embrace the spirit of what we want, a spirit of community.  This spirit builds a change not only in the person or project but it feeds the person that is giving.  We plan to feed this spirit of change and we want you to participate.   This Old Town Soda Shop is the part of the “Rebirth” of Old Town Slidell.  Many businesses have invested in this area and there are more to come.  The City of Slidell and it’s planners are supportive and dedicated to this rebuilding of Old Town Slidell.  So now is the time to invest in the community of Slidell.  

Volunteers are welcome anytime.  We continue the progression of restoring the outside of the soda shop and a number of other projects.  There are cleaning and painting projects of the exterior.  The fire engine needs a wash and wax.  There will be mentoring projects coming up soon.  We are just touching the surface of the ideas and projects to come.  

So you want to come help stop by the Old Town Soda Shop sign in listing your availability schedule and if you have some particular skill or gift please list it with your contact information.  Right now we have things that are need work so if you have the time come by the Old Town Soda Shop.